Poplular Alcoholics
Stardom + Booze = Popular Alcoholics!



Destined to become Popular Alcoholics, soon! Newlyweds Andrew & Sarah Speaker, Atlanta, GA.

Haven’t met Andrew? Try not to, if you can help it! This is the Dood now famous for spreading Tuberculosis around the world! “Tuberculosis Andy!”

OK, the “Happy Couple” has an excuse to drink – heavily! I don’t wish him ill, but Gawd Dammit, what a DUMB ASS! He’s a Personal Injury Attorney for Cripessakes! Can you say; “cough, cough, ‘Reckless Endangerment,’ wheeze, cough!”

Sarah is hot, even with the veil, here at the hospital. Me thinks she’s holding up a a nice lung-full there!

I don’t reckon these two will be on anybody’s cocktail party list anytime soon, so get used to it – lotsa Popular Alcoholics drink alone!

Know any good attorneys? Can’t get through to Andrew’s Law Firm Web Site, but you can catch him at the “Atlanta Great Danes Meet-Up” site.



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